13-Jan-02 by D, Horatio Smith
These fonts work great with Palm Reader Professional without FontHack 123 activated. They look great with font smoothing turned on. Great fonts indeed.

25-Sep-01 by Eric Bohler
amend that last review ... once you get used to them, some of these fonts are just as easy to read as the system fonts. Just play around with it for a while (and keep a reset pin handy) and most people will really enjoy this program.

25-Sep-01 by Eric Bohler
These Fonts LOOK really cool, but if you want readability, the system fonts are the best ... It would be alot nicer if you could set different fonts for numbers and letters. Even if you decide not to keep this program, it's definately worth a try. They do look good.

10-Apr-01 by Carlos Linares Lopez
No words!!! Nothing to describe what I felt when I saw my Palm IIIx working with those nice fonts. Extremely nice!!! Absolutelyamazing!! I've even substituted the hacker provided with the font set and it works fine as well! Thanks a lot!!

23-Jan-01 by drew ackerman
very cool fonts!!!! unfortunately, it makes my system crash. SO bummed about that because the Trek font is great!

08-Dec-00 by James Kegel
i didnt think this would look that cool (i am used to a TI-86) but once i tried it, i was like, DUDE!!! well anyway if you like fonts and you want to make your handspring, palm etc. you need to download this.

14-Jul-00 by Peter Wang
AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! Simply the best thing for your Palm. With attention toward both style and legibility, this collection of fonts will please your eyes as well as raise your hipster factor - particularly "TREK" and "SquareDance."

19-Jun-00 by Ron Buelow
The best selection of fonts for the Palm, period! Included are some great hacks also, along with the AAA font-viewer. Newer Palm OS users - load your fonts Z-A and they will show up in Font-hack v2 in alphabetical order. I use Zarf-Catalog to rename them starting with an asterisk (*) - they show up in the top of Z'catalog and make beaming easy, everyone loves these! Kudos to the author for the hard work on one of the very best enhancements for the Palm Pilot! ****** P.S. - A single .gif with all the fonts shown would be a big help! Thanks!!

02-May-00 by Michael Byczkowski
The Alpha Font Collection is a perfect supplement to DateBk4 and makes it even more usable!

24-Apr-00 by gary joseph
Good for what it does. A lot of fonts, easy to set up and free! Unfortunately, I ran into some syncing issues after installing and had to remove the app. Too bad, it was great for reading Avantgo web pages.

12-Apr-00 by Fernando Vinan-Cano
Absolutely marvellous. Replacing the main standard font with the narrow one makes my Pilot seem like it's displaying far more. Launch-Em looks much better. I've even registered to the Palm font editor so I could "tweak" a couple of the supplied fonts. A must have for any Palm user - great work.

29-Mar-00 by Jeff Greco
A must-have for Palm Power-Users. It really allows you to personalize your machine. For instance, for every program except text-readers, I use the "Squared" font, but I use their "Alpha" (an improvement on the normal font) for the text.

10-Mar-00 by Kevin Fulton
This is on my list of "must-haves". 5 stars, only because I couldn't give 6! Really gives my palm a "distinguished" look.

25-Feb-00 by Peter Putzer
The Alpha family of fonts is VERY readable, though some may prefer serifed fonts for larger amounts of text, I dislike them on small screens like the Palm. Anyway, an excellent package!

20-Feb-00 by Mark Stansbury
The Alpha fonts make reading large amounts of text much more enjoyable and the old-style numerals are easily legible.